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This quickstart will walk you through installing WikiBrain, importing data from Simple English Wikipedia, and writing a basic WikiBrain java program.

System requirements for this example:

In order to complete this quickstart, you need a basic Java development environment. In particular:

  • Sun’s Java JDK 6 or higher.
  • Some Java IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, etc).
  • At least 4GB of memory.
  • At least 4GB of free hard disk space.

These three requirements will enable you to complete this tutorial, however your hardware and software requirements will vary depending on your software application and goals. For example, you can install WikiBrain using command line shell scripts, you can include it using maven dependency management system, and you’ll need substantially more powerful hardware to process full (not simple) English Wikipedia.

More details on installation are described in the system requirements section of the tutorial.

Install Wikibrain

Import Simple English

Next, you’ll import Simple English Wikipedia. By default, the loader downloads, parses, and imports the data into an embedded h2 database. You can customize WikiBrain’s importing procedure, (see Configuration) but the default should be a good start.


Be aware that the loader writes a configuration file named customized.conf that you’ll need to use when running your java programs (i.e. -c customized.conf).

An example program

Once you have your imported data (above), your are ready to write programs that analyze Wikipedia!

Begin by creating the Java project in your IDE of choice (NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc). Add the WikiBrain plus dependencies jar file (that you downloaded in the previous step) to your java project.

Start writing your program! Here’s a simple example you can find in the Cookbook:

When you run this program, you must pass the name of the configuration file created by the graphical loader in the previous step (e.g. -c customized.conf). After running your program, you’ll see output:

resolution of apple
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple, localId=39, language=Simple English}: 0.070175424
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple juice, localId=19351, language=Simple English}: 0.043859642
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple Macintosh, localId=517, language=Simple English}: 0.043859642
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple Inc., localId=7111, language=Simple English}: 0.043859642
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple A4, localId=251288, language=Simple English}: 0.043859642

A tour of the example

Let’s walk through this program to explain each piece. First, we create an ```Env``, a WikiBrain environment that provides access to the components we need:

Env env = EnvBuilder.envFromArgs(args);

The EnvBuilder provides utility methods to set the languages you want to support, the maximum number of threads available to your program, etc. There are more advanced ways of configuring WikiBrain - both programatically and through configuration files - described in the Configuration section of this page.

The Env provides access to a Configurator - essentially a Factory for creating WikiBrain components. We get the Page Resolution component next:

Configurator configurator = env.getConfigurator();
PhraseAnalyzer pa = configurator.get(PhraseAnalyzer.class);

A key feature of WikiBrain is that it supports multiple implementations of the same component. For example, the default PhraseAnalayzer uses the Lucene search engine. We could have explicitly requested the lucene implementation of the PhraseAnalyzer:

PhraseAnalyzer pa = configurator.get(PhraseAnalyzer.class, "lucene");

If we instead wanted to use a phrase analyzer that resolves phrases to pages by looking at “intra-wiki” links, we could have used:

PhraseAnalyzer pa = configurator.get(PhraseAnalyzer.class, "anchortext");

And received the results:

resolution of apple
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple, localId=39, language=Simple English}: 0.55263156
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple Inc., localId=7111, language=Simple English}: 0.30526316
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple Records, localId=47698, language=Simple English}: 0.12631579
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=App Store (iOS), localId=216566, language=Simple English}: 0.010526316
	LocalPage{nameSpace=ARTICLE, title=Apple Corps, localId=48013, language=Simple English}: 0.005263158